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PulseScan Technology

Secrets To Successful Investing
Vulcan Report Archieves
Secrets To Successful Investing

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Our advisory service comes with an unconditional Money Back Guarantee as follows: We will reverse your subscription charge if at the end of the validity of your 90 day subscription, our aggregate trading signals do not generate a gross profit.


When you register with The Vulcan Report, you get a complete  trading tool that

  • has performed in difficult market conditions.
  • requires a minimal time commitment on your part,
  • is easy to use,
  • is the result of extensive research and trading experience

Subscriptions are only $299.00 per month. They include your daily trading signals, the user's guide, full access to our site, and the question & answer hot service.

To register, please CALL  (703) 946-8035 or E-mail us at .


You trade in the STOCK MARKET & FOREX Currency market to make money--to provide for your family, finance your children's education, or retire comfortably. But how can you receive top returns in a changing market?

No matter how much information you glean, or how closely you watch price movements, trading the STOCK market & FOREX Currencies often feels like little more than gambling. How can you be sure you're choosing to trade the right currency at the right time? Consequences can de dire if you choose wrong.


At The Vulcan Report, we take the guesswork out of investing. Our trading advisory, based on top-technology and years of trading experience, uses state of the art analysis & proprietary indicators to give you top returns. When you sign on with us, you won't depend on the performance of one particular company as with individual stock trading.

No longer do you have to choose the right company, follow fads, or feel dependent on political events. We eliminate these considerations and lower your costs. The best part is that by trading the FOREX or Financial Futures like the E-mini S&P 500 Futures, E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures , Mini Dow Jones Futures and Euro Currency Futures contracts, you eliminate traditional bias to the upside (as with the stock market), and find yourself in a position to profit both from rising as well as falling markets.


We at PulseScan Technologies LLC  believe the market itself is the best indicator of value, economic forces, and future price movement. The FOREX Currency Market has a strong history and high liquidity, which complements our system perfectly. We aren't swayed by any extraneous information, relying solely on some stock analyst or a bunch of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, intra-day historical and recent price action. Nothing else contaminates our recommendations to you.

Each day, we keep you abreast with the latest trading information in a simple, straightforward form. We make easily followed recommendations on when to buy and sell, and deliver them on our web site and/or to your e-mail inbox instantaneously. Our trading advisory lets you take control, so you can enjoy more safety than you ever have before, and returns that put you on par with big players.


Our Vulcan Report performs in all conditions. If the market moves up, down or sideways, you can still make a profit. When everyone else seems to be losing money steadily, you can enjoy your increased worth. With The Vulcan Report, you not only profit from the market; you transcend it.


PulseScan Technologies LLC  puts the power of profitable trading in your hands with our premiere Vulcan Report. Our program is designed exclusively for the E-mini S&P 500 Futures, E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures, Mini Dow Jones F utures, Stocks and the Euro Currency Futures and FOREX Markets. While our system is technologically advanced, we simplify trading for you by guiding you through the market changes each day.


We give you all the information you need for placing the day's trades. You can either access our private Members area online, or receive this information by email. There is no need to constantly monitor the market. We have created an easy system, where you watch the market at the most critical points--the beginning and the end of the trading day.

At the day's start, we dispatch two triggers to you: a BUY or SELL trigger point to initiate a new position, and the corresponding Stop-loss point. You can then choose to place the orders with your executing broker, or follow the market and place your order once the trigger point is reached.

At the day's end, we send you a new signal. At this point, you will be advised to either keep or exit your current position.


We created a system that is not only efficient, but also reliable. We have backed our technology with a 100% up-time guarantee. This means that you will always receive your signals without fail. Should there be any Internet delay whatsoever, we will fax you a copy of the signals immediately.


We provide you with access to our User's Guide, giving clear documentation and guidance on how to trade on these daily signals. Within the User's Guide, you will find easy instructions on how to maximize profits, minimize your risks, and avoid mistakes. We have included relevant, straightforward examples; to illustrate our strategies and show you how to utilize the tools we give you.

We also provide you with access to our "Hot Service" email during market hours to address any trading questions you might have. Our goal is to give you trading know-how and power, and we go the extra mile to make our system work for you.


Get a better feel for The Vulcan Report by examining our history on our POWERFUL Track Record by downloading it in PDF format by Adobe and let us walk you through the way our system works.

 Right now, we also provide you with the opportunity to try
The Vulcan Report, during a 14-day FREE TRIAL. We're confident that once you experience the freedom and profits we have to offer, you will agree that The Vulcan Report is the only way to trade.

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