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The Vulcan Report is not a system but a complete trading tool used to equip the trader with the most reliable market timing method ever created.
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Earn Double-Digit Gains with Near-Zero Risk in ANY Market.

Turn market volatility to your advantage with
The Vulcan Report - the e-mail trading service
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Dear Investor,

Another day...another unpredictable swing in the Dow.

Only this time you're grinning ear to ear!

Because this time, you were ready with a perfectly timed trade that enabled you to capitalize on the market's sudden shift...and double your money with near-zero risk!

Come to think of it, you've been having many happy days like this.  Despite war in Iraq, terror alerts, market jitters, and fragile investor confidence...

...you've been making money.  45%, 75%, even
115% profits - often in a matter of days!

An investor's fantasy?  Not at all!  In fact, this is precisely what you'll be doing once you join the elite circle of investors who make money faster with The Vulcan Report - the e-mail trading service that gives you both the lightening speed and the proven strategy you need to profit safely in ANY market.

TRY The Vulcan Report RISK-FREE FOR 14 DAYS!

Since its inception in 2002, The Vulcan Report has been guiding investors to low-risk, highly profitable short-term trades - all during one of the worst bear markets in history. 

           And now, with this invitation, you can get started
           with The Vulcan Report for just $299 a month!
           No large subscription fee.  Just an easy, pay-as-you-go
           plan that lets you profit immediately from our
           trades without shelling out a lot of money up-front.

Not only is The Vulcan Report more affordable, but you can also get back every penny you paid within 14 days if you wish.  Simply click on the link to order at the bottom of this page to try The Vulcan Report RISK-FREE for 14 days!


Here are just a few of our recent profitable trades

Cisco - 272% gain
Bed Bath Beyond - 140% gain
Genzyme - 218% gain
Linear Tech - $525% gain
Nasdaq 100 Futures - 52% gain
Euro futures - $2,000 profit/contract
Veritas - 208% gain
Juniper Networks short  74.69% gain
Novellus - 401% gain
Qualcomm - 435% gain
S&P 500 Futures - $1,100 profit/contract

Face it.  The "buy and hold" strategy that served us so well in the 1990s no longer works.  To make money in today's uncertain market environment, you must learn the short-term investing strategies of the professional trader. 

Now you can with The Vulcan Report. With our guidance, you'll execute flawlessly timed longs, shorts, puts, calls, futures trades and other exciting, big-money maneuvers. 

What's more, our unbeatable trade selection strategy ensures you'll hit only the FATTEST targets - the "best of the best" trades that are guaranteed to explode in pure profits.  (More about our unique strategy for picking trades in a minute!)


The moment an opportunity pops up, we'll e-mail you immediately with easy-to-follow instructions.  You don't have to be an investing wizard to profit from it.  And here's the real beauty of this strategy: You need only invest a small portion of your money to earn staggering gains!  For example...

  • With no trading experience whatsoever, you could have turned $2,000 into $4,300 in just 8 days with our recent Utility HOLDRs trade (a 115% profit!).
  • With no futures trading experience whatsoever, you could have earned an incredible $2,000 profit per contract in just 2 days with our January soybean futures trade.
  • Then you could've turned right around and pocketed a whopping $1,910 per contract in six short weeks with our gold futures trade.

Please note: these are not theoretical examples.  These are real trades that made real money for the investors who followed them.


 What's our secret?  It's our ultra-safe "20/10 Profit System" for selecting short-term trades.  Developed and refined over the years, this system is made up of three strict criteria geared to ferret out trades that have very little risk and tremendous upside potential.  Before we e-mail a trade to you, it must have...

1)  20% upside, 10% downside.  For every potential 20% gain, the trade we select must have only 10% downside risk.  Right away, this eliminates all but a fraction of the potential short-term trades on any given day.

2)  Favorable support/resistance levels.  Before we go long on a trade, it must be 8-10% at support.  In other words, the share price must be near its bottom.  Likewise, short sells must be at 8-10% resistance - their market peak.  This automatically limits the downside of every trade to 10%.

3)  Anticipated movement.  If a trade makes it this far, we then weigh it against The Volatility Index (VIX) - which reads the "pulse" of the market.  Market declines tend to follow periods of calm.  Market surges follow periods of agitation.  By examining the VIX indicator daily, we know which direction the market (and a possible trade) will move - and when it's going to happen. 

That, in a nutshell, is how our system works.  But the important thing to remember is this: once a trade meets our three criteria, it's almost impossible for that trade to avoid being profitable.

But we don't stop there.  To give you absolute bullet-proof protection, we make sure your trades are diversified as well.  In other words, you'll never "bet the farm" on a series of similar trades.  Each trade is ingeniously hedged against the other, protecting the bulk of your money at all times. 

Then, we mercilessly enforce a highly disciplined investing approach that further limits the downside of every trade while simultaneously maximizing the upside.  The moment a trade hits our target, we sell it.  Period.  Likewise, the second a trade shows signs of going bad - we dump it.  We even place stop orders on equities and futures trades to minimize downside risk.  So even when we lose, it's very little.  In just a matter of weeks, your profits really start to pile up!

             Of course, we can't guarantee every trade we
             recommend is profitable.  All investing involves
             risk.  But with all these ironclad safeguards locked
             into place, you'll be able invest with confidence,
             profit like a pro, and sleep like a baby at night!

The Vulcan Report is truly the "stress-free" way to profit BIG on short-term trades.  And that's just the way we like it!


By combining this powerful discipline with only the most promising trades, you get an unstoppable, virtually guaranteed system for making money in any market situation.  And...you'll get each buy and sell recommendation lightening fast - via an e-mail Trade Alert - in plenty of time for you to make money!

For instance...

Suppose you'd followed our recent recommendation to buy America West at $2.99.  Because you knew this airline was riding on enough momentum to deliver breakout gains in a depressed sector, you would've racked up 22.5% profits in just 2 weeks.

Suppose you'd pounced on our recommendation to trade The Dow Jones Financial iShare November 65 put options.  Because you knew exactly WHEN this trade was nearing its bottom price, you would've earned a whopping 100% profit in 20 days!

Suppose you'd shorted Columbia Sportswear precisely when we recommended.  Because you knew WHY this battered retail stock was in for another selloff, you would've booked an impressive 28% profit in just 5 days!

And get this.  Profits like this are earned all the time by The Vulcan Report subscribers.  Anyone can pick a winner once in a while.  We profit consistently - no matter what the market's doing!


Tired of fretting over swings in the DOW?  Well, with The Vulcan Report, you can make more money precisely because of market volatility. 

Every time there's a sharp sell-off or sudden surge, our monitors alert us.  Then we diagnose each market swing and prescribing the recommended trading action for pocketing high-speed profits.  For example...

  • We recommended buying Diamonds November put options - just before an anticipated bounce.  It bounced!  This gem of a trade threw off profits of 75% in less than a month.
  • We recommended buying March 25 Bayer call options - when all of our indicators pointed to a coming surge in price.  We were right!  This headache-free trade handed us an easy profit of 75% in just 6 weeks!
  • We recommended going long on Gilat Satellite Networks at $5.28, when it seemed poised for a jump in price.  Our hunch was correct.  This volatile satellite broadcast equipment maker beamed us a 20% profit in just 1 month.


As you can see, The Vulcan Report is more than just a trading service.  It's a whole new way to invest.  It's simply the easiest, most effective way to multiply your money in today's uncertain market environment. 

And here's our promise: Just 10% of your portfolio invested in our trades will outperform your other 90%!  With that kind of performance, your "play money" could turn into a real pot of gold!


  • Approximately 10-15 trade recommendations (or more depending on what opportunities we see) e-mailed directly to you each month - When we think the time is right to buy, we send you a "Buy Alert" via e-mail containing our exact recommendation on how to execute the trade.  You'll also get a "Sell Alert" when it's time to lock in your profits.

"Thanks for another good trade guys. Without you guys directing me to these stocks, I wouldn't have been in them. So far this year, you've outclassed everyone.  Congrats!"

M.E., Dale City, VA

  • Access to exclusive commentary on our web site (https://pulsescan.tripod.com/) Constantly updated with commentary that will keep you in-the-know about how the market is affecting our open trades.  We also include extra trade ideas here!
  • Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction - You must be satisfied with The Vulcan Report, or you may cancel within 30 days for a full refund.  After that, you may cancel anytime for a prorated refund on the unused portion of your monthly installment.


As a Vulcan Report subscriber, you will be part of an elite circle of investors who are poised to make money no matter what happens in the stock market

Investors who cling to the old ways, who are still locked in a "buy and hold" mindset and fail to adapt quickly to today's ever-shifting market, will see their wealth erode.  But NOT those who know the secrets of the professional traders.  With The Vulcan Report, you'll trade like a pro - and squeeze every dollar of profit out of ANY kind of market!

             Don't forget: The Vulcan Report has helped investors
             not only avoid losing money, but actually make
             substantial profits during one of the worst bear
             markets in history.  

Trade with us and you can learn the secrets of highly profitable short-term trading, too.  You'll get our expert guidance every step of the way.  And you'll soon be making MORE MONEY FASTER than you ever have before!

If you were to hire a professional investment advisor to e-mail you his or her most profitable trading ideas each week - for an entire year - you would easily pay $5,000, even $10,000 for such a service.

And happily, too - if you made lots of money.

Right now, you can begin trading with The Vulcan Report for just $299.  That's right.  Only $299.  No large subscription fee.  No big up-front payment.  You pay month-by-month, which makes The Vulcan Report easy to afford.  Plus, you're protected by a full, 14-day money-back guarantee...so you risk nothing by giving The Vulcan Report a try!

You'll also receive two sought-after Bonus Reports, FREE...

FREE BONUS #1- Mentor- Technical Analysis 101- How to be a Successful Short Term Trader.  Building on decades of hard-won knowledge gleaned from the trading pits, this essential guide helps you master the proven, time-tested strategies for building long-term wealth with short-term trades. The advice is priceless - but it's yours FREE just for trying The Vulcan Report right now. (Order RIGHT NOW and you'll get the PDF version of Mentor: Technical Analysis 101 How to be a Successful Short Term Trader right away!).

FREE BONUS #2 - The The Vulcan Report Subscriber Guide.  Consider this your "Owner's Manual" for the The Vulcan Report web site and e-mail alerts.  It shows you how the service works, the thinking behind our trading philosophy, along with important "how-to" tips and techniques, so you can hit the ground running when your first trade arrives.  It's also yours FREE just for trying The Vulcan Report.

          Remember, you'll get approximately 10-15 trades per
          month (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending
          on the situation) - any one of which could easily
          repay your subscription cost many times over.

And the risk?  It's all ours.  Remember, you have our 100% guarantee of a full refund if you decide to cancel within the first 14 days.  That means you're free to make all the money you want with our trades for a full 14 days.  Then, if you're still not satisfied, you can get back every penny of your subscription cost.

Try The Vulcan Report today -- risk-free!


Dex Johnson

The Vulcan Report

P.S. Remember, your subscription to The Vulcan Report, is 100% RISK-FREE!  You'll get back every penny you paid if you cancel within 30 days.  There really is nothing to lose.  So act now!

P.P.S. QUICK REPLY BONUS!  Reply within 7 days and you'll receive one of our most valuable Special Reports Mentor Technical Analysis 101 - absolutely FREE.  TVR editor Dex Johnson is one of the world's most renowned futures traders. Now his most closely guarded secrets from 10 legendary years of piling up profits in the futures market are distilled down to one quick-reading report.  Discover how to "pyramid" your profits into enormous sums...when you should NEVER trade futures...what "distribution zones" are all about...and more! Learn these secrets and you'll be well on your way to trading futures like a pro.  It's all here in one handy source - and it's all FREE if you act quickly and reply today!


There is risk of loss in futures trading and it is not appropriate for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future trading results.





Now you can have access to the most POWERFUL trading tool on earth!

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